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March 24, 2002 - Sunday
We took Harry and Jeremy to the McDonalds' Super-Duper playground for dinner and that was good. Harry played in the big tub of plastic balls and in the lower regions of the tubes until it was time to leave. Then, with the inspiration of pending departure, he ventured to the very top of the structure and, after several delays and appearances on top, came down the big slide, albeit with a mild look of concern as he arrived at the bottom. I greeted him with great praise for his bravery and exploration, hoping that would instill confidence and distract him from our need to go.

Surprisingly, it really worked pretty well as we left. Or, maybe we'd been there long enough for him to appreciate a change of scenery. Unfortunately, riding in the car at night did not provide as a stimulating alternative and Harry began to pine for a return to the playground. Actually, he really just began to pine, playing the unhappy and misunderstood two-year old, causing and then echoing cries from poor Jeremy sitting in the car seat next to him to the point were the cries of the two blended in literal, synchronized harmony.

I really just had to laugh.

It would only be another five minutes and we would be home.

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