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March 23, 2002 - Saturday
Harry had a runny nose today; the visible manifestation of a cold I suspected was evolving for a day or two. It didn't seem like a particularly bad cold, but Harry seemed flustered by it and that, I think for all of us, too clearly elicited the awkward memories of last weekend. We decided fairly quickly that if modern medicine might prevent a reprise of a week ago then there was no reason not to be agressive about it and we hastily went for both the Pediacare decongestant and the baby Tylenol.

Before last weekend, Harry generally liked medicine, or at least didn't really mind it. Modern formulas usually taste pretty good, after all. But, were there any doubt that last weekend had a lingering affect on him, Harry's initially negative reaction to the idea of more medicine seemed to confirmed it. And, if that wasn't enough, his eventual acquiescence to this "different medicine" came with the qualifier that he wanted the medicine "in his mouth," a doubtless direct reference to last Saturday's less pleasant treatment.

Poor Harry. I rationize that his getting sick again right away with a different ailment is probably a good thing. Maybe it distracts him from last week's ailment or maybe it's like getting back in the proverbial saddle. What the heck, if I'm fooling myself there's plenty of other negativity from it to balance my wishful thinking and then some.

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