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March 22, 2002 - Friday
We took Harry and Jeremy to a children's science museum this evening and part of an event organized by an area social group to which we belong. We thought it would be a good chance to give Harry a diversion and us a chance to get out and see some friends. That turned out to be mostly right.

The museum featured dozens of hands on exhibits, some of which were perfect for Harry (like those with balls, bubbles, and banging) and some that weren't a little beyond a two year old. Still, even some of those offered plenty of novelty (a large caldron of dry ice, a microscope with slides of salamanders and bugs, and a strobe light) for a curious little boy. And, I suppose we did see and chat with friends, but not very much. I had spoken with one fellow dad earlier in the day and inquired whether his family was going. When he said he was I suggested we could continue our conversation in person. That was a mistake. We did see each other this evening and did exchange pleasantries, but whatever conversation we did share was really either about kids or between chasing our respective kids around the three floors of this museum. Indeed, it was not our night out, we parents. It was Harry's and the other kids' night out. We were just there to watch.

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