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March 2, 2002 - Saturday
We made something of a tactical error in baby management today and Harry and Jeremy's aunt was the unfortunate victim. The boys' mother and I attended the memorial service for my grandfather and Aunt Lisa graciously agreed that she would watch the two of them, along with her own daughter Chloe, while we were away. It sounded like a practical solution since everyone knew one another. And, we'd all agreed that after we returned she would then leave Chloe with us for the evening while she and Uncle Ben went out for a quiet dinner. It didn't seem like it would matter all that much that Uncle Ben would only be able to remain at our house a short time after we left. I guess we should have realized from our own experience with two child that multiple kids crying and wanted attention at the same time from one parent creates a difficult situation. I guess one learns from necessity to deal with it, but unfortunately, Aunt Lisa hasn't had the experience with two kids at the same time, let alone three with two less than one year old.. It apparently made for a rough afternoon.

On the other hand, prognostications of disaster for the evening from a bewildered and lonely Chloe once her mother left proved to be wasted emotional capital. Sure, Chloe cried for several minutes during that awkward bedtime ritual when we parents were divided by logistics. But, once Harry was comfortably in bed and it was a two on two with just us and Jeremy and Chloe awake, young Chloe had me wistfully reminiscing of those wonderful early months with Harry when he would fall asleep on my chest while I rubbed his head and sang soft, low, chest-rubbling songs. Dear little niece Chloe was just like him.

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