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February 24, 2002 - Sunday
Harry really hasn't watched TV very much - we used to watch the animal planet on Saturday's at lunch, but can't any longer because it's now out of the channel range of the old kitchen TV - but today at lunch I turned on the TV to get an update of the Olympic hockey game (and, admittedly, to pass the time as Harry dallied with his food). As I was flipping through the channels, Harry pointed at the remote control demanding that I "put it down." I landed on MSNBC or one of the nearby news channels and Harry, seemingly to confirm his objection to my channel surfing, added "watch news!" Luckily from me, I suppose, they were talking about the Olympics. But, were did Harry learn that?

Later, after Harry woke from his nap, he came into the room where I happen to have a projector setup for testing (since it was Sunday I was taking liberty of connecting it to the cable feed and watching gold medal game). To my surprise, and great pleasure, Harry and I watched together the big screen for almost the entire second half the game, of course with time out for the second intermission. What's more, Harry seem to grasp the basics of the short saying, "they're skiing" (which I corrected as skating), "they're going fast," "they're putting it in the net," and "they got a goal." I'm not sure how much of the idea of a game he understood, that the two teams were effectively acting against each other, but maybe he did. I didn't know he knew as much as he did about it.

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