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February 27, 2002 - Wednesday
Jeremy's latest thing is biting on his lower lip. I think Harry did this too, but, amazingly to me, I have not read through my journal entries of Harry's early months since Jeremy was born. I would have thought I'd do that constantly as Jeremy past ages and milestones and I remind myself of Harry's young days and compare impressions and progress. I have not; not once other than to find and link to things I knew where there somewhere.

I've heard several parents say that a second baby is more than twice the work of one. My take is that it's not the second baby that is hard. Indeed, dealing with the baby is the easy part. There are fewer anxieties the second time around and fewer unknowns. However, it's the first baby that's come to be more than twice the person he used to be and easily more than twice the work to keep up with. As could have almost been predicted, as Harry's mother and I lay in our bed this morning just emerging from sleep but still expecting another half hour of rest, there was telltale clicking sound of one of the door latches in our house being lifted. Seconds later, there was the inevitable patter of little feet coming down the hallway, and then, the half smiling, half devious face of our first born child coming into our bedroom.

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