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March 1, 2002 - Friday
Jeremy slept through the night last night. This was a rather unclear milestone with Harry because we were on a different schedule. We'd go to sleep at mid-night with Harry and he'd wake up at six and we could call that sleeping through the night. But, Jeremy's schedule, and ours, is different now and Jeremy usually asleep before we are at about 9:00-9:30pm. For a long time he's been sleeping a similar six hours to what Harry used to do. Unfortunately, that means he's awake again at 3:00-3:30am and that's a lot harder to call "sleeping through the night." Last night that changed. Jeremy slept from 9:30 last night until after 7:00am this morning and long after Harry had again walked out of his room, into ours, over to our bed, smiled, and said "Hi" to his slowly waking parents.

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