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March 3, 2002 - Sunday
Some two and a half years ago, while walking around a artists' Open Studios, Harry's mother and I purchased several coffee mugs with little ceramic animals afixed to the inside bottom of the cups. We had bought a couple the previous year from the same artist and decided to create something of a set so we'd have enough to serve potential guests. If I remember correctly, after we finished our transaction we went back and bought two or three more from the low cost outtakes table specifically for Harry, who was at that time still unknown inside his mother's belly.

Today, Harry is more than two years old, he has a little brother who was not even an idea at that time, and we are no longer that relatively carefree childless couple who once regularly strolled through local artists' Open Studios. Today, pretty much just as we imagined back then, Harry discovered a little pig at the bottom of his milk. (Actually, he used one of the good mugs, because the ones we bought specfiically for him haven't been unpacked from when we moved.)

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