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March 7, 2002 - Thursday
I've been surprised before that Harry had not continually asked for chocolate cake or ice cream for dessert after every meal once he had a taste for sweeter things, but Harry has now found his first real toddler treat obsession. It is maple candy, and who could blame him? We had a large gallon of genuine maple syrup that we finished about a month ago and at the bottom I found chunks of crystallized maple sugar; maple rock candy, if you will. I had given a couple small pieces to Harry on different days before he began, about three weeks ago, to ask for "maple candy" after literally every meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner. For a while it was hard to convince him that he could have his usual fruit course and still have a maple candy afterward, or perhaps he just wanted to go straight for the good stuff.

There's probably a quarter of what we started with left from the dregs of the gallon and I've often wondered whether Harry's obsession will wane before the candy is all gone. He doesn't ask after every meal anymore, so maybe there's a chance of that. But, he still asks a lot.

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