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March 5, 2002 - Tuesday
Tuesdays are the days at Harry's daycare when a friend (who is a licensed assistant) of the daycare provider comes with her two girls for the morning. I've often thought that Harry liked the extra activity of more kids, though it's hard to be sure. The daily morning routine stays fairly similar, finishing with lunch and then story time and that's general when I show up to pick up Harry. Most other days when I get there during story time, the daycare provider is reading a story to Harry and one other boy, Josh, although Josh is a few months younger than Harry and understandably not as interested. On Tuesdays, it's usually the friend reading a story sitting in the middle of the room holding up a book for all the kids, including her two older girls, to see as they sit on the furniture that forms the periphery of the room. That is: all the kids except Harry. I've notice it before, but never so overtly as today. There was an especially big group there today and maybe that accentuated that fact that my boy was the one right up front, hovering at the reader's knee, attentively looking along as the pages turned, while all the other kids' focus on the book ebbed and flowed as their minds wondered.

Harry got that from his mother.

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