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January 24, 2002 - Thursday
Jeremy's turned into a pretty good sleeper. He often goes six hours during the night without waking up, although his schedule of 10:30pm-4:30am or so is less satisfying than Harry's midnight to 6:00am. Still, we are in a different place in life now with a two year old along for this baby ride, so it probably doesn't matter. We're not going to be taking those naps that we had when it was just Harry.

And, Jeremy also seems quite easy-going about falling asleep. That was only partially the case with Harry, who typically either fell asleep nursing or listening to me singing. Those are some very fond memories for me. With Jeremy, who just seems to lie down and zone out, there's no singing. I tried singing one of Harry's old sleep-inducing songs this evening when Jeremy was getting tired and whining and starting to close his eyes, but my voice only perked him up. His eye lids began to lift slowly at first, but within moments his round eyes were wide open again and he was smiling his big round toothless smile, enjoying my little song. As a father, I'm touched to no end by those smiles, but, alas, I may not be singing my baby to sleep this time around. Jeremy's mother has observed many times that Jeremy "likes to hold hands" when he's falling asleep. So, after coming down from the apparent excitement of songs, I let Jeremy rest and held his little hand and just watched as he went to sleep. He's an independent second child already.

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