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January 25, 2002 - Friday
Harry's obviously getting bored with the idea of eating. Well, I suppose that's not completely true since he is often quite interested at first. Yet, making it all the way through a good meal - spending enough time at the table to eat more than a token amount of food - is a lot to ask of a little boy who's full of action and new ideas. It would be a real problem for our tiny, 25th percentile boy were it not for the fact that he again let's us feed him with a spoon, often lately until he's finished his plate. I'm really not sure if he thinks this is a good lazy way to eat or whether he's obeying our calls to greater norishment, but for the last week or two meals have regularly come down to Harry claiming he's all done and pushing his plate back after about two bites, us maybe getting him to eat a little more on his own, then us taking control of his spoon or folk and feeding him the rest of the way. At times I think it's a digression to those early days of infant feeding, but then I know it's not. He's two and, for better and worse, he's always moving forward.

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