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January 19, 2002 - Saturday
Jeremy, or rather his parents have, regrettably, made no progress with the bottle and it's clearly the result of our laissez-faire second-child parenting. We've just not found a regular schedule or, with Harry running around, the clear thinking to integrate the bottle into Jeremy's day save a couple of isolated occasions. So, with a renewed commitment today, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Jeremy has become set in his two-month old ways and not at all interested in the eating from a bottle when he knows full well that there is a better option. We thought if we just waited until he was hungry, he wouldn't think twice. That was incorrect. I was fairly persistent, but eventually it was clear that Jeremy simply wasn't going to learn when he was crying uncontrollably.

Obviously, we have a problem because Jeremy's going to have to drink from a bottle it a couple of weeks when his mother starts working again. So, figuring out how to change habit is now paramount. I suppose a little bit of good came this evening when I tried to give Jeremy a bottle when he wasn't very hungry. Then, he gnawed on the bottle tip, and even swallowed several times from milk dribbles that came out of the bottle as I maneuvered it around his gums and tongue. At least he didn't hate the bottle this time. Still, as the trickles of milk whet his appetite and real hunger set in, he was back to the same insistence on the real thing, straight from the source. We're in it from the long haul.

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