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January 13, 2002 - Sunday
Harry and Jeremy's Aunt Lisa and Uncle Ben where over this afternoon for the first time in a month and the first time since Christmas. Since they spent the holidays in France, today was our day to exchange a few more gifts. But, for Harry it was a time to show some people that he knows fairly well his new toys from Christmas and that's what he did immediately upon their arrival. I don't think Aunt Lisa even had her coat off when she went to the living room and I remember grabbing Uncle Ben's as he responded to Harry's entreaties to share the holiday joy.

This is the first time I've seen Harry so interested in showing off a toy, though a week ago his baby-sitter said she had seen the entire working of the backhoe. Harry's shown off things before, but it's really been as a result of outside suggestion. Today, Harry was very excited and very proud of his new toys. And, he was just about bouncing off the walls for two hours after that.

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