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January 18, 2002 - Friday
Jeremy is starting to vary the pitches and even, in a rudimentary way, the inflection of his vocalizations. He has also started to make that gurgling, half-swallowed "r" sound that marked Harry's transition to other less pleasing sounds. At least it's progress, I guess..

Harry's mark of advancing maturity today probably didn't just happen over the last couple of days, but it makes for a very pleasant memory. I, or rather we, set up the crib for Jeremy. (It's the same crib that Harry used to sleep in. I got the pieces out last weekend and put it partially together two days ago thinking that his seeing it as pieces rather than a completed crib might help avert any possible jealousy Harry might have from remembrance. But, he showed little sign of recognizing it and was more interested in playing with it.) Unlike last summer when helping build patio chairs disintegrated into Harry screaming at giving up the precious bolts he was holding for me, this time Harry really did help. He'd been somewhat annoyingly unscrewing the untightened screws from the crib components over the last couple of days, so doing that again on request wasn't any trouble. The difference was that Harry willingly gave them up and even screwed a couple them back in with an Allenwrench all by himself. Of course, his ability had limits, but that's expected. What wasn't was that it truly felt, I hope to him too, that we were actually building the crib together.

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