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January 23, 2002 - Wednesday
Harry's gotten to the point were he knows he's essentially got the run of his room after we leave and now often does run around for a half an hour or more before eventually falling asleep. He runs around more in the afternoon before his nap and, while he ultimately sleeps the same amount, his naps now often end rather close to dinner. So, he'll either have an afternoon snack that spoils his appetite or will be cranky from hunger until we do eat at the table. He's also started doing major room redecorating during these idle hours of non-sleeping time and that's less good. Removing door knobs is one thing, but moving furniture is problematic.

Sunday, I actually stayed in the room with him until he feel asleep for the first time in quite a while. It's something his mother and I have wondered if we need to start doing, though have ultimately decided wasn't necessary since he needs to find his own way sometimes and this is no great transgression. But Sunday, he was pretty tired from waking up in the middle of the night a couple of times thanks for his brother's discontent about sleep or lack of sleep or stubborn desire to lack more sleep and he ended up falling asleep during a story.

Nights he hasn't usually lasted as long, but he has gotten a little too comfortable running amok in the room. On a few occasions I've gone in and played mad at him, actually I tend to vary between disappointed and mad depending on circumstances, but those tactics are only affective the first few times. The latest angle is, as a part of my saying goodnight and leaving his room, is to simply tell him in a lighthearted way, "and no running around, it's time for sleeping." That worked both Monday night and tonight. On Monday, Harry responded with "Harry getting ready to run around" apparently thinking I was joking or not understand my exact intend. But, after repeating my request and telling Harry to talk with his teddy bear instead, we heard nothing from his room. Still, there's are undoubtedly short term victories of parenting.

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