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January 4, 2002 - Friday
When Harry's mother went in to get him this morning, Harry had already been running around his room. He's been doing that recently, getting more comfortable with his bedroom and his ability to move freely there when we're not in the room. (Similarly, we now often hear Harry get up and run to the door after I have left him in the evening. At first we thought he was upset and about to cry out from being left alone, but now I think he's just realizing that alone means having the run of the place in the dark. Fortunately, it never sounds like it lasts too long.) So, this morning Harry had apparently removed the knobs from his closet doors. He was intrigued by knobs yesterday and had taken a couple off the kitchen cabinets before we suggested otherwise, but that didn't seem to satisfy his curiosity and so it went this morning. Of course, he was very proud that he had removed the buttons by himself and that makes the reproach a little trickier. He's being industrious and I guess that's good, but dismantling the house is less so.

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