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January 2, 2002 - Wednesday
For a couple of weeks Harry's favorite evening activity has been jumping on dad. He'll tell me to lie down, either on the floor or, more often, the sofa, then climb and jump on me. I guess I've encouraged this by making fake wails of anguish as he lands, but it's really kind of fun. It seems to keep him entertained and I don't have to run around the house keeping up with him. On really good and restful evenings, the jumping on the sofa will quickly give way to Harry "lying in the hole," an area between me and the back of the sofa just large enough for Harry's little body to tuck into, and we'll read a book. The current favorites are "Ducks Fly," a bird with few words and needing embellishment, and "The Story of Ping," another book about a duck that I remember well from my childhood.

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