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January 3, 2002 - Thursday
Jeremy had his two month checkup today at the doctor's and weighed in a hefty 15lb, 2 oz. and that almost makes him large enough for size 3 diapers, the ones that Harry just grew out of a couple of weeks ago. Harry was born large (8lb, 12oz) but quickly dropped to the lower percentiles of his age group, as I did when I was a boy. At least for the time being, Jeremy is showing no signs of slowing down.

Jeremy got four shots today, the beginning of a standard mix of boosters that will continue for the next year or so. He got the big red faced cry as you'd expect, but, like Harry after his first early shots, Jeremy recovered surprisingly quickly. I remember with Harry it was the next visit and group of shots, when he was a little older and more aware of his body and our response to his crying that the big tears lasted much longer. The odd difference is that Harry's second group of shots was at 7 seven weeks, a week younger than Jeremy is today. Since Jeremy had his Hepatitis B vaccine at the hospital he didn't have a shot at his one month visit, so this was really his first experience with shots at the doctor's.

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