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April 10, 2002 - Wednesday
I called home both Monday evening and tonight and apparently Harry predicted that it was me on the phone before his mother answered it. He did a much better job talking on the phone, speaking in (some) sentences and, (no big surprise here) talking about the reemergence of a backhoe next door. His mother, conversely, mentioned two rather tenuous behaviors that started since I left. First, Harry now insists on sleeping with the door open in an apparent aberration at becoming increasingly frustrated by not being able to open the door in the middle of the night and throwing relative tantrums. Second, and very related, his mother says he came into our bedroom in the middle of the night. Once, she made him go back to his own room, rationalizing that it was still dark outside and still time for sleeping. However, last night was apparently a rough night with both boys waking up crying and Harry came into our bed while his mother was still nursing Jeremy. With few options, she could do nothing but insist that he not talk. He did fall asleep, she says, but I've got to wonder where this trend will go.

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