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April 14, 2002 - Sunday
It seemed almost inevitable to me following the events while I was away that Harry would try and form a habit around wandering into our bedroom in the middle of the night and, sure enough, that happened this morning at 3:48am. He determinedly climbed right into our bed just as his mother was telling him it was too early and that he needed to go back to his room. Neither of us particularly had the energy to get up and bring him back to his own room, so there he remained. We rationalized that if he stayed quiet maybe it would be all right for tonight. But, Jeremy soon woke up and needed nursing so I brought Harry to my side of the bed to make room for mother and baby. Harry was amazingly good at being quiet, but that didn't really help me fall back to sleep. Indeed, it was more than two and a half hours of Harry, at first, quietly staring at me, then twitching and fidgeting in his sleep, before I finally just got up and moved to a different room to try to get some sleep. I'd just been on a long business trip and taken a redeye flight home on Wednesday night and I needed to rest. But, regardless, Harry's early morning visits are a habit that will not be allowed to continue.

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