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April 21, 2002 - Sunday
The boys' mother took them shopping this morning at the big grocery store some 20-25 minutes from our house and all seemed well until the ride home. Apparently, Jeremy was getting either tired or hungry or both and started to cry soon after they all got in the car. His mother said the ride home could have been a disaster were it not for Jeremy's wonderful brother Harry looking from his car seat, facing forward, over to Jeremy's, which faces backward, and making funny faces at him. It's something I've seen Harry do a little of on the short rides we take to daycare, but this time he was really making an effort to apease his brother. More than just faces, Harry's mother says that Harry was also extending encouraging words to his fretful brother...
"It's all right, Jeremy."
"It's not so bad, Jeremy."
"We'll be home, Jeremy."
He even sang his (admittedly abbreviated) version of the "To Know" song, or "To Know Him Is to Love Him."

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