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April 26, 2002 - Friday
Harry's started asking me to sing a song that his mother sings to him again. I'm pretty sure he realizes that I don't know the words and thinks it's funny to ask. I encourage him to sing. He sings a couple of words in his high "singing" voice. I change the subject and sing "Moonlight in Vermont." He tells me to sing it again.
"Pennies in a stream," he sings in his high singing voice with all syllables approximately at the same pitch, continuing with, "Moonlight in Vermont," also at roughly the same high pitch. Then, in what seems to be the lowest voice he can make he sings, "Telegraph cables sing down the highway." Then, jumping back to his high singing voice, approximately the octave jump in the bridge he sings again, "telegraph cables sing down the highway."

It's beautiful singing, at least to me. I can hardly keep from laughing out loud. It's just so cute.

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