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April 20, 2002 - Saturday
Harry walks over to an open cooler filled with bottles of beer and hard cider - he's been playing with the ice cubes since we arrived for Uncle Ben's surprise 30th birthday party - and pulls out a bottle, walks over to a man named Pascal and hands it to him. Pascal is a bit taken aback, but does the right thing and just accepts Harry's offering. I'm watching from the other side of the room thinking how amazingly mature and gracious Harry seems about the whole thing (aside from the core fact that he's a two-year old walking around a party with beer bottles). He goes back to the cooler and get another. He walks in the opposite direction, seemingly seeking out the birthday boy and hands the Bass Ale to him. It's just what Ben is drinking, though he still has half of another left and begins to explain that to Harry. Then Ben thinks the better of it and accepts the gift.

At about 8:00pm, just when I was starting to wonder about what to do with Harry for bed - should we just go home or try to put him in a bed? - Harry looks at me and says, "read a book."
I say, "OK." and pick up Harry and a book and head upstairs.
Harry complains, "no take me upstairs, no put me to sleep." The words were familiar, but the behavior says he was unmistakably running on empty. The entreaties for the next 10-15 minutes are insincere. He was out cold before the second song is barely started. He didn't wake up when we started playing guitars and singing songs downstairs, nor did he do more than curl up when we put him in the car to go home. I'm thinking he had a good time at the party.

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