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February 4, 2002 - Monday
This morning the boys' mother returned to work, ending her maternity leave. She'll only be working from there two days a week - she's chosen Monday and Friday - and will work another few hours from home to make up a half time schedule until July. And, I'm sure the adult interaction and mature mind problems will be a refreshing diversion from two boys all the time.

Unfortunately, I really needed to do some work on the computer this morning to meet a deadline and watching the boys myself wasn't going to allow that to happen. Fortunately, we've arranged to bring Jeremy to a sitter on a regular basis starting today to give him a chance to be with someone else. We did the same for Harry, albeit starting at six months rather than three. In the long run I think it's a good idea, especially for Jeremy who, as the second child with a two-year old older brother running circles around him, simply can't get the attention that Harry got. Jeremy reportedly had a wonderful day and it's no surprise with a new sitter doting after him nonstop. Alas, it's better treatment than he can get at home. As was clear from Jeremy second day, a second child's lack of pictures, lack of attention, and apparent short changing from what the first one got has little to do with parental interest or desire, just logistics.

With Jeremy at a sitter's, that would still have left Harry to monopolize my attention were it not for my father agreeing to come over for a couple hours in the morning. He arrived at about 10:30 and by that time I'd already been playing with Harry for a while and having fun. So, it's not too surprising that Harry initially didn't want me to leave, regardless of what he and grandpa might do. What was surprising was that all I had to do was explain things to Harry and all was well. When he started complaining about "wanting to play with daddy," I knelt down beside him and told him that I really needed to do some work upstairs on the computer. Amazingly, his complaining stopped and he turned toward the sofa and started entreating grandpa to read a story, just as if he understood the whole situation.

And, maybe his did.

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