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February 6, 2002 - Wednesday
Harry started doing a really strange thing over the weekend and I have no idea where he got it. I was lying with him trying to settle him into his afternoon nap. I was particularly tired myself, so I was just lying there as I sometimes do to kind of lead the way to sleep. That is, if I lie there with my eyes shut, Harry often does the same and goes to sleep. At minimum it keeps him from running around his room for an hour. So, that afternoon as I lay there facing Harry he said he was going to "fix daddy's hair" and proceeded to put his hands on the top of my head with his fingers in my hair. Of course, when your tired having someone run their fingers gently through your hair isn't at all a bed sensation so I didn't complain. And, Harry did rub gently for a few moments, but then his fingers came to rest, still entangled in the hair just above my forehead.

It must have been the better part of five minutes that we lay there together motionlessly and I was sure that Harry must have fallen asleep there. Unfortunately, I couldn't quite see his eyes. I tried to turn my head ever so slightly and gently to not wake him, but as his face came into view there were his eyes, wide open and smiling, his hands still motionless in my hair.

Harry's fixed my hair a few more times since then and I know believe he is trying to get it to stand straight up on the top of my head. How he learned that it would do that is beyond me, but he seems to get a kick out of seeing. And, like I said, having someone gently rub your head rarely feels bad, so I let Harry explore and "fix" my hair.

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