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February 2, 2002 - Saturday
For the first time this morning, I think I saw Harry eavesdropping on a conversation his mother and I were having about him. She was changing Jeremy's diaper in his room and that's where the baby monitor is set up to broadcast to our room. Harry was in our room over near the monitor's receiver playing with some toy in there and I was in the hall keeping an eye on him while talking to his mother. There wasn't anything especially interesting about the conversation, just our plans for the morning, but I said something like "and what should we do with Harry?" (that is, what's a good activity for Harry this morning) and I noticed Harry stop what he was doing and listen to what came next out of the monitor. Of course, nothing interested did and Harry, having heard his name and not much more, soon went back to what he was doing. Nonetheless, this incident seems like another little milestone in development, for both Harry and me. I've often said real life starts when you have kids that start to do things you remember doing yourself and although I certainly don't remember these moments from when I was two, I can certainly imagine myself stiffening for a moment, just as Harry did, when I heard some distant reference to me from my parents.

For a second day in a row, Jeremy drank heartily from the bottle, but this time it was me giving it to him. He didn't seem to remember right away his successes from yesterday, although perhaps it was the difference of me rather than his mother, but it came back to him soon enough. I notice right away that, while I thought Harry was a good eater, Jeremy really chugs it down.

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