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January 30, 2002 - Wednesday
In addition to his continuing interest in "making coffee" out of barley, Harry has also recently found joy in "washing dishes." It started a couple of days ago as a postlude to him helping me make espresso, including, for the first time ever, Harry grinding the beans (he's always been a little nervous of the loud noise of the grinder and usually winces when I offer the task, but today he did it before I even closed the bag of beans). I always wash the pieces of the machine right away and today, since Harry was right there on a chair, I just moved him in from of the sink. It's not too surprisingly really, aside from the generic idea of a child (or anyone for that matter) really likely doing dishes, but Harry had a grand time. Of course, he was mostly playing in the water pouring water from one cup to another, often with soap bubbles floating about. How bad could that be for a toddler?

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