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February 1, 2002 - Friday
It's been a painful week with Jeremy trying to convince him that the bottle is food and not some foreign object that his super sensitive, infant, anti-choking apparatus had to dislodge from his mouth. We've tried when he was hungry, but that was when he was his most angry at not being satisfied by mommy. We've tried when he just needed a little pick me up, but he usually just chewed on the bottle's nipple. Last weekend we backed off so he wouldn't just start to hate the sight of a bottle, but we've been getting more aggressive with each day since. We had to. He had to learn. We've been using a medicine dropper and squirting milk into the back of his mouth with varying degrees of success just to make sure that there was some way for someone other than his mother to feed him.

But, today, thankfully and mercifully three days before Jeremy will visit a baby-sitter for a few hours and his mother will go to work, he drank. He sucked on the bottle and he swallowed the milk. In many ways, this was going to be the day no matter what. We decided to go cold turkey, no mommy just bottle or medicine dropper, at least until the evening. But, we didn't have to wait that long. In the early afternoon, with his mother holding the bottle, Jeremy turned the corner. And, that's all he drank from for the rest of the afternoon. Of course, that was just his mother. I guess we have to wait until tomorrow to see how daddy does. Still, today's the day we will remember.

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