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January 28, 2002 - Monday
I know that I, especially when I was younger though hopefully less now, have always found it awkward to be in a position not knowing something or not being able to do something, regardless of whether I've had any experience or not. It's silly really, no one is born knowing everything and being able to do anything, but somehow admitting that or appearing less skilled puts me in something of an emotional corner. I suppose it's not too hard to figure that there's some sort of insecurity at work, but I suspect most people are like that to some degree. Harry's mother exhibits something of the same frustration at not having yet learned something, so Harry's likely to suffer the same hang-up.

And, it's already becoming clear that he does. I've noticed that when I asked Harry a question, about a letter of the alphabet for example, he'll either proudly say what it is or avoid the question and change the subject depending mostly on whether he knows the answer. He gets frustrated when he can't get his body to do something his mind wants to do. Learning can be painful, there's no doubt about that and we try to give Harry as much positive reenforcement as possible. But, that only goes so far, apparently.

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