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February 22, 2002 - Friday
I've been taking Harry along for the ride to drop Jeremy at his baby-sitter's the couple of days a week he goes, and Harry seems to like it there. It always seems to take a while for us to leave, although I rarely rush him. The sitter has a box of toys, including a set of blocks within blocks, that Harry has gone straight for since the second time he was there. So, this past Wednesday we had decided to bring Harry to the sitter's house by himself and leave him with her for a couple of hours of play away from the house. It didn't work out because the sitter got sick, but Harry went there today instead with Jeremy.

It worked out that there were three older girls (I'm guessing between 6-10yrs old) there as well and I thought that might be less advantageous because the sitter wouldn't be able to spend time with Harry. Harry doesn't particularly need strict oversight, but he's expressed affection for the sitter the times we've brought Jeremy and I thought he liked it. But, the three girls let Harry play in a "clubhouse" they built out of a blanket and two chairs in the living and that was even better. Harry's always enjoyed the company of older kids and it seems he talked and listened well enough to be at least a novelty and not a distraction to the girls. I was right about Harry, though, he had a ball doing something different: no surprise there, I guess.

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