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June 6, 2002 - Thursday
I really don't mind "Me-me-mo-mo, me-me-mo-mo" (with the "me" sung a third to a sixth higher than the "mo," depending on emphasis or urgency) itself, Harry's little sing-songy silence filler. It's hard to not to want to encourage Harry to sing. Yet, "me-me-mo-mo" rarely exists in isolation and is rather almost always some kind of call either of boredom or for attention, and probably both. Worse, it's often an accompaniment of sorts to Jeremy's recent dissatisfaction of one thing or another and that tends to make "me-me-mo-mo" yet another noise in a fog of unhappiness. These days of Jeremy's dissatisfaction and Harry's two-year old self-discovery and power plays, "me-me-mo-mo" can sometimes embody the ever-present thorn of having two kids who both want attention and neither very happy with parental multitasking. I'm finding it hard not to associate "me-me-mo-mo" with annoyance, frustration, and even pining for quieter days.

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