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June 10, 2002 - Monday
Harry, Jeremy, and I went to the rug store that we had visited on Saturday with their mother. We'd spent more than an hour there and borrowed some rugs to try out in our living room. This trip was to bring them back and I didn't really expect to get anything done with two kids by myself. After all, we had spent all that time the first time because one of us was always watching after Harry. But, today we were returning to a place that Harry knew and seemed to like a lot and this time, with the comfort of familiarity, he happily ran amok amidst the aisles between the rugs. Fortunately, the store personnel did not mind at all. Even better, Jeremy was captivated by his brother's antics far more obviously than I've ever noticed before, constantly twisting in my arms to see which way Harry was running next and squealing with delight with each of Harry's dashes. For a while now Harry been talking to Jeremy, handing him toys, and trying to make him laugh in the car by trashing side to side in his car seat and that often works. But this time I got to watch.

With both boys effectively occupied by their own distractions, I had the chance to look at more choices and ended up bringing another one home. And, this one is a keeper.

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