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June 16, 2002 - Sunday
Harry's two and a half now and we've tried to pick up the pace a little on the potty training. He's not been at all receptive to trying to sit on the potty and there's a lot of conventional thinking that suggests that forcing the issue is counterproductive. So, we tried not to force, but have tried to persuade him to at least try on a regular basis before his bath when his clothes are off, on the thought that he at least become comfortable sitting there. Maybe that's still forcing it. I don't know. But, I guess we won't be the first parents to try to encourage a little bit. Harry is more often than not one step ahead of us saying he's "dry" or "doesn't have any pee," but we say that's OK and it's good that he try.

I've been trying another approach, too, talking about his new school, the larger daycare he will start attending this September if not sooner. He's looking forward to it, I'm sure, as he's talked about it from time to time. He remembers from a few weeks ago that there's a waterfall nearby and that he and I threw a stick and watched it fall. So, I've been telling him that it would be good if he learned to use the potty before he went to the school because most of the other kids would know how to use it. When I say it Harry is always trying to change the subject of conversation, so I've often wondered how much he hears or understands. Tonight when we were talking about the school I said, "and there's something else you should probably learn before you go to school. Do you know what?"
He certainly did..."use the potty," he said in a quiet voice.
I guess the message is getting through.

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