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June 21, 2002 - Friday
Harry continues to amaze me with his understanding of driving directions. We picked up Jeremy from his baby-sitter's house with the warning that he was probably ready to fall asleep for a nap. No problem, I think, we won't go directly home and Harry and I will stop the car once Jeremy's asleep and play outside it, maybe at the river or waterfall near Harry's future pre-school. Harry is on the same wavelength.

"I don't want to go home," he says without any idea that I don't either.
"Is Jeremy sleeping?" I ask knowing that of all the questions I can ask Harry, his answer to this one is among the most reliable as he views Jeremy from his car seat..
"He isn't," says Harry, introducing a degree of doubt to my not too sophisticated plan. But, as we approached our usual left turn for home off South St. and I decide that Jeremy's sleep would come and I turned right.
"Where are we going?" Harry asks. "I live on the other side," he adds referencing our house about a half mile in the other direction off South St.
"That's right, Harry, we do live on the other side." He's so smart, I think to myself. "Is Jeremy asleep?"
"He is," says Harry and I know we're set for a little excursion."Where are we going?" he asks again quickly. Then without waiting he adds, "to my new school," with a renewed smile in his voice.
"That's right, Harry." But how does he know that is in this direction? He's been there twice, once back in March and the second time something like a month ago when Jeremy again fell asleep and Harry and I got out and looked at the nearby waterfall. And, that second time we approached the preschool from a completely different direction. We came back home on this road, but I'd think that would be a stretch for a young mind, but maybe not.

Then, unrelated to directions, Harry adds another look into the workings of his mind. "I'm dry. I don't have any pee." It's a reference to our, I don't think too overt, encouragement that Harry ought to learn to use the potty before starting at the new school. I guess it's on his mind, too.

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