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June 18, 2002 - Monday
Both last night and this evening we happened to go to places with playground apparatus bigger than Harry is used to dealing with. Last night it was a tall slide with a six-foot rung ladder for access and tonight it was regular swings. Harry didn't have any trouble last night with either the ladder or the slide, but it sure was a bit nerve-racking watching him. At first I spotted him on the ladder imagining what would happen if I were to go away and he were to lose his footing. Gradually I did move away in an effort to join the neighborhood party we were attending, but my eyes never went too far from harry until he turned his attention to the nearby dirt and rocks, safely on the ground..

Tonight wasn't quite as bad. Harry was interested, after a while anyway, in learning to ride right side up (as opposed to stomach down) on the big kids' swings. At first I thought I'd need to spot him the whole time with that too. But, when he seemed grasp the idea of holding on with his hands I decided my example on the next swing over would be more helpful. Besides, he was never going that high and a fall onto the soft wood chips probably wouldn't be a disaster to anything other than his temporary confidence.

Up to now I've been pretty supportive of Harry trying things at the playground. I suppose that's because when we're at the playground I have nothing else to do but watch him and help him. I find that works less well when I'm distracted.

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