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June 23, 2002 - Sunday
Jeremy was a mess this evening. It seemed like he woke up every half an hour from when he first went to sleep around 8:00pm until after 11:00, and more often than not it was with a serious disapproval of something. By the sound of his cries you'd think he had a major nightmare (I still don't quite know what that would be in the mind of a baby), but somehow I don't think so. I remember from when Harry was a baby and from other anecdotes that babies on either edge of a life milestone simply don't want to sleep. They want to do the thing they can now do. Jeremy, his eyes drooping badly in the late evening, just didn't want to sleep. Then when he was asleep, he didn't want to be asleep. Then, when he realized he was asleep I think he really, really, really didn't want to be asleep.

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