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June 24, 2002 - Monday
Maybe it's because I've been usually busy with vocational work and, therefore, predictably less patient with the relentless distraction of very small children and the overt silliness of a two and a half year old boy. Or, maybe it's because Harry's silliness has, with the distinct exception of last night which was wonderfully reminiscent of our happiest bedtime talks, extended into the time I spend with him at bedtime and made it more awkward than rewarding. Or, maybe it's because having two young children can be, as it's often cracked up to be, a consistent stream of demands that leaves personal life unsettled. Or, maybe it's the nightly malaise of a family dinner, repetitive post-meal activities, bedtime, and then uninspired evenings spent essentially waiting for Jeremy to wake up two or three times before he and we are ready to go to bed. But, for really the first time, I was not entirely disappointed to leave this evening on a brief business trip that will have me away from this routine through tomorrow night.

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