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June 22, 2002 - Saturday
I'm calling today the day Jeremy first crawled. It's not a particularly exact milestone in this case, as Jeremy has been visibly struggling with it for more than a week now and showing a few glimmers of success amid increasing frustration. Thus far, the mismatch of his desire to move forward and his lack of motor function has had him teetering, falling on his belly, and whimpering more often than not.

I remember Harry effectively crawling backward, the contrary result of pushing with his arms in an effort to move forward, at first and Jeremy has certainly done that. But, I don't remember quite as much frustration, nor trial and error from Harry. Perhaps that's bad memory and time sweetening the picture, but Harry has always seemed to take a more cerebral approach to learning. First watching, then when ready, doing, although Harry didn't progress right away after his first crawl and Harry was also more violent with his reaction to failure than Jeremy. Jeremy, instead, seems to go more at his own pace, bulldozing forward. And today, he seemed to have grasp the idea of his hands moving forward (seen here and here). What makes today the day more than any of his other recent false starts is that I saw Jeremy move one hand, then the other, and at least one knee forward in an effort to move. And, since Jeremy is trying so overtly to get it, I'd think he have in within just a couple of days.

Jeremy is also very excited about walking, which he can do for long runs up and down the hallway if someone is holding his hands.

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