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November 19, 2002 - Tuesday
This afternoon we're down in the basement, originally using the new chalk and erasers. But, it doesn't take Harry long to switch focus and go into the workshop area to the little workbench I built for him several months ago and the array of screws and screwdrivers that he's collected there. Jeremy's never really been down in the workshop, but, with a fond familiarity with the workbench and tools at Harry's preschool, he has no trouble getting in to swing of moving screws from place to place and holding the screwdrivers and little tack hammer. Then, after a good half an hour of mild play, their mother arrives home and comes in the workshop. Immediately, Jeremy goes from his mild-mannered carrying of objects, to banging the tack hammer butter churning style on top of Harry's workbench. He does not immediately go over to her as he normally would and is quite obviously showing off.

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