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November 22, 2002 - Friday
Down in the basement again this afternoon, Harry was drawing with the new chalk on the old blackboard. He drew the obligatory random lines, a few precocious attempts at writing letters, and a big round circle. Then, Harry drew a second circle about a foot in diameter and made a face, eyes, hair, and a mouth. I was surprised and impressed that Harry could draw a face on the surface. Then, Harry made it a "sad" face, with a turned down mouth, and happily declared it to be a "sad face.".

"Why did you make a sad face, Harry?" I asked, thinking back to last month when Harry made a sad face on a paper jack-o'-lantern at preschoool and wondering if there was some pattern or some problem. He's usually a happy kid, isn't he? Harry, not surprisingly, didn't answer the question and went on happily drawing with chalk. I went on getting more perplexed about whether I should be worried about some subconscious imagery. Who knows? Unfortunately, I probably won't have an answer for several years.

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