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November 16, 2002 - Saturday
We've really been pretty good I think about keeping the boys out of daycare when they're sick and with fever. Sure, sometimes we press the 24-hour-fever-free rule if they wake up perfectly healthy, but we've ever knowingly sent one of the boys to daycare with a fever. But, today we pushed it a bit.

As happened this past spring, a social group of which we're a part organized an evening at a local children's science and discovery museum. They have ball rolls, bubbles, bangers, magnets, sand, tools, noisemakers and all the kinds of things that can get a young boy excited and last time Harry really had a great time. Now, near-eight-months older, we figured it would only get better for Harry and that Jeremy, last time a virtual lump of flesh, would even be able to get excited about the balls, bubbles, bangers, et. al..

The problem was that Harry had a fever this morning, probably the same thing that Jeremy had this past Wednesday, which effectively truncated the normal Saturday morning shopping excursion. He took a good nap, but still had a mild fever in the afternoon, begging the question whether we should go to the museum. We actually, and somewhat oddly, hadn't been building it up as the exciting outing it was surely to be and, therefore, probably could have backed out without too much angst from Harry, but it really is an evening that would be hard to pass on.

So, figuring that he had all day tomorrow to recover, was likely past the point of being contagious, and was already noticeably getting better, we figured that with the help of a dose of Baby Tylenol, we ought to just go. And, sure enough we all had a good time. Harry was admittedly and noticeably a step slower than usual, but at a place like that with distractions all around, it's a relative thing. We'll just have to hope and assume we and he didn't do harm to (get them sick) any other kids and call it a success. Harry was asleep in the car on the way home a good half hour before he's usually asleep at home and seemed quite happy to go straight to bed when we did get home. I'll' take that to mean he had fun...

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