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November 10, 2002 - Sunday
It's really no surprise on this one: Jeremy is ahead of Harry pace on learning to use utensils. Harry's first real successes came a full month later this this and, while today was his first very obvious success, Jeremy's been toying around and trying to use the fork and spoon for a while now. Here, the fare is easy to stab and pick up pancakes.

On the right, Chloe is inspired by her younger cousin and that's the reverse of the usual with the two of them. Jeremy started serious crawling literally hours after a visit from Chloe and walking within a couple of days of seeing her do it. Of course with eating, Jeremy and Chloe are on opposite sides of the percentage parabola, with Chloe being even less committed than Harry to a filling meal. This morning anyway, Jeremy inspired them both.

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