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November 12, 2002 - Tuesday
I'm getting a little worried about what I'm going to do with the boys in the afternoon once the winter really sets in. Over the last several weeks the various area playgrounds have been a obvious choice, but the town playground, the "playground with the lots and lots of slides," and the "church tower playground" will all increasingly become inaccessible. The library is an indoor option that holds a lot of promise, but it is clearly one that cannot be overdone. It's already hit or miss as to whether the boys will choose to play in the playroom or, here's the problem, independently go off to the book racks and wreak havoc.

Admittedly, Harry is getting better about pulling random books and now regularly goes to the area he knows to have the trains and trucks books. And, I've had some good success convincing him that one book at a time is the way to go in the library, but it still depends much on his current frame of mind. Jeremy, well, he's back at pulling books randomly and needs constant monitoring, but that only tends to compromise Harry's frame of mind. Indeed, the library seems like a good place for man-to-man coverage.

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