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November 27, 2002 - Wednesday
At 11:45am this morning, I attended a "Thanksgiving Feast" at Harry's preschool. It was a charming little affair with red plastic plates and white plastic forks, canned corn and canned green beans, and only the little junior-sized chairs for seating, but fun chance to see Harry's comfort in his normal daily setting eating a special lunch. It may be just a coincidence, but Harry had very little trouble eating a solid lunch in that environment. That served to fuel my speculation that his lesser home eating habits are a result of something other than lack of appetite.

Harry's class made mashed potatoes, while another class, for example, made fresh butter from scratch. I dutifully tried the potatoes and praised Harry for his fine work and he recited that they had taken "five minutes" to cook, parroting what sounded like an instruction/narration from his teacher. Oddly, beyond that fact, however, he seemed to take surprisingly little pride in his portion of the accomplishment. He didn't even eat the potatoes from his own plate, while eating most everything else included most of the corn off my plate.

This is Harry's teacher and friend, Cathleen, speaking with Molly, one of Harry's classmates that is often cited as one of Harry's closest playmates.

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