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November 29, 2002 - Friday
This construction site is for the new house of Harry's mother's faux aunt (cousin once removed) and when we came down to visit today we had a pretty good idea that there would be some construction activity going on for Harry to watch. We expected to, and did, see an excavator digging and that would have been just fine with Harry and worth the trip. But, today just happened to be the day the cement mixers came to pour the footings and Harry got the bonus of watching two cement mixers from right up close.

For as long as Harry could stand to be outside on a very cold day, we also watched the cement crew work in harmony positioning the cement as it came down the chute and smoothing it out before it set. I pointed out to Harry that they all had to "work together to get the job down" just like Bob the Builder and his crew and it clearly made an impression on Harry. He talked about it right away, then more when we went inside to where mommy and Jeremy were playing. But then at bedtime, he talked about it again saying how he was going to grow up and be a construction worker so he could "work together" with a crew. It's a nice thought and concept, this idea of sometimes shy Harry wanting to work together with others, even if it's just a mask for wanting to be like Bob the Builder.

We talked a little more about different jobs that people have, then I asked if he knew what I did. He answered that I work on the computer and that's close enough. I noted that Mommy works at "the archives," and Harry, apparently changing his career path, said he would work at the archives when he grew up, too. He's never talked about the archives as much more than a place for mommy to go to work, except when referring to the stuffed elephant that one of the people has. Maybe he thinks that comes with the job...

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