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October 25, 2002 - Friday
There was a Halloween party this evening at Harry's preschool and he was an engineer. Jeremy had a bandana, too, and played the brakeman and mommy and I were along for the ride as hoboes. Harry's love for trains is well known at the shcool and the costume was a big high, although it was a little tenuous over the last two weeks as to whether Harry would wear it. It may have just been Harry the two-year-old acting, or perhaps he did not really understand about wearing costumes for Halloween, but he was adamately opposed to it at first and wanted nothing to do with the hat when we found it at a model train show last weekend. When asked, he'd say things like he wanted to be a giraffe or lion. I can't quite image where those came from other than some other kid at school talking about it, but the engineer was him. We'd been building it up and grandizing it over the last couple of days and, either due to that or in spite of it, Harry seemed to come around today. I wasn't really sure he'd play along until I showed him what he looked like in the mirror, but that, and mommy and I wearing funny clothes too, seemed to do the trick. Naturally, he liked the party (mostly the treats).

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