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October 27, 2002 - Sunday
We'd planned so well for the end of daylight savings time, but maybe we over did it. We'd been keeping Harry up late for the last two weeks. Jeremy's been staying up later, too, but he's been a little sick and it's been harder for him to make it that far. In the interest of not being awoken at 4:30am in the morning, we told grandma that they could both stay up about as late as they wanted last night while we were at a concert. Apparently for Jeremy that was 8:15 and Harry stayed up until 9:30. And, it worked like a charm. We all slept in and did indeed get the extra hour of sleep. On the other hand, both boys took afternoon naps that were more than two and a half hours. We eventually had to wake Harry up at about 4:00pm, 5:00 for his body, lest he'd stay up all night. Still, that's a pretty good trade I'd say.

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