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October 29, 2002 - Tuesday
For about two years and ten months I've had this feeling that my mood and my fatigue dictate Harry and now Jeremy's mood (although Jeremy has far fewer real mood swings than Harry used to) as much as anything they do. And, I'm sure that there's something to that, minimally because the less enthusiastic I am the less I'm introducing new distractions and thoughtfulness on a timely basis. Just as likely, too, being negative probably breeds negativity.

But today, for the first time so obviously, it was clear that it's not all on me. Regardless of my usual morning drowsiness and apprehension at what attitude the two-year-old might bring to breakfast, Harry was in a very good mood. He was particularly polite and gracious and it made me very happy. We played, brushed our teeth, and went on the bumpy road. We had a lovely morning.

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