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October 23, 2002 - Wednesday
It seems Jeremy has his first real illness. Sure, he's had colds before, including the endless fall runny nose that has seemingly lasted for six weeks so far. But today, he had a fever and that's really the first time for him. When I picked him up from his baby-sitter's, she said he'd been quiet and sluggish all day and that she thought he had a fever. She hadn't called earlier in the day for me to pick him up and that's a little unusual for typical daycare. But, Mary isn't typical and she said how fond she is of Jeremy and I can see her just wanted to snuggle with him when he's like that. Heck, when we got home that's exactly what I did. Lying on the coach with Harry on my chest was such a big part of his first year to year and a half and I had some very fond moments like that with him. I remember one of those moments with Harry shortly after we moved into our new house. Harry and I were alone together that August morning and when it time for his nap the sun was shining in the windows and reflecting of the newly refinished wood floors in out sparsely furnished living room and we were lying together on the sofa listening to Bach. I remember the scene literally brought a tear to my eye. Unfortunately, I haven't had those moments with Jeremy. He never got into that routine, nor feel asleep to me singing and rubbing his head as Harry did. So today, I took the moment to lie with Jeremy and helped him fall asleep while Harry (he can be so delightful when it comes down to it) played quietly by himself.

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